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Private Hire Vehicle Licence

All vehicles with 8 passenger seats or less used for the transportation of fee-paying passengers must be licensed.  Private Hire vehicles cannot be hailed at the roadside or use a taxi rank.  All private hire vehicles must be pre-booked through the private hire operator.

To licence a Private Hire vehicle, you must first hold a Private Hire Operators licence with this Authority.  The vehicle must be under 4 years old at first licensing and must not be black in colour.  A yellow licence plate must be displayed on the rear and in the windscreen of the vehicle along with yellow door stickers on both front doors

The vehicle must pass testing with our approved plating station before the application is made.  The plating station’s details are DHM Services, 01685 721005.

The following must be provided to apply for a Hackney Carriage Vehicle licence:

• A completed application form – application form;
• Vehicle registration document;
• Valid certificate of insurance;
• Insurance schedule (if vehicle is not listed on the insurance certificate);
• MOT certificate plus additional taxi checks certificate.

All applications must be made in person.  To make an application you are required to make an appointment with the Licensing Section.  If you turn up without an appointment then it is unlikely that staff will be able to see you.  Please contact the Licensing Section on 01685 725000 to make an appointment.  Please note that if you do not bring all of the above to the appointment then the application will not be accepted.

It is advised that the following documents are read before you make your application:

Fees list
Private Hire Vehicle Conditions

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