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Entertainment and alcohol, to food business, street trader, and leisure licences, information on all permits and licences can be found here.

Licensing Act Applications

View current applications in relation to premises licences and club premises certificates

Taxi Licences

Information on, and how to apply for the various taxi licences

Entertainment and Alcohol

Entertainment and Alcohol Licences

Charitable Collections

House to house street collections, rules and applications.

Gambling Licences

How to apply for Gambling Licences

Licences relating to animals

Licences relating to animals

Street Cafe Licence

How to apply for a Street Cafe Licence

Street trading licence

Information on the street trading licence

Roads and Highways

Information on Weight Limits, Builders Skips on the Highways, Scaffolding and Hoarding

Child Employment licence

How to Apply for a Child Employment Licence

Leisure and personal treatment

Caravan and camping site, tattooing, acupuncture, ear piercing.

Explosives and Fireworks Licences

Explosives and Fireworks Licences

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