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Annual Accounts

The publication of the Statement of Accounts is an annual statutory requirement and is subject to external audit.

The provisional Statement of Accounts are to be completed by 31st May following the 31st March financial year end with External Audit completion and certification required by 31st July.

The document discloses the financial performance of the Authority during the financial year, the accounting concepts followed and the financial health of the Authority at 31st March.

Final audited Statement of Accounts for a series of financial years’ are available to the bottom of this page.

The Public Audit (Wales ) Act 2004 requires the Local Authority to make the Accounts and other specified documents to be made available for public inspection. Following the 2018 amendments to the Accounts and Audit (Wales) Regulations 2014, a notice must be displayed on the authority’s website and in at least one conspicuous place. A copy of the notice can be found below.

Copies of the Notices of Advertisement for the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales and Chief Constable for South Wales, and for the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal Joint Committee can also be found below.

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