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Co-operative Development

Many people and communities within the County Borough are excluded from playing a full role in their own neighbourhoods. The causes are complex and varied and the effects are spread out amongst the communities.

The Community Development Division is committed to targeting these excluded groups to ensure that they have the opportunity to play a fuller role. The Division positively targets those excluded groups and ensures that the relevant support is given, including:

  • Working closely with both local and strategic partnerships to ensure the needs of groups and individuals excluded from mainstream provision are prioritised.
  • Linking Council and other agency departments with local groups and partnerships to ensure better targeting of resources.
  • Provision of training and development programmes designed and focused on local needs.

The Community Development Division is split into three sections to take forward this work. They are:

  • Communities First
  • Social Economy - Cyfarthfa Enterprises
  • Community Learning - New Deal Unit & Neighbourhood Learning Centre