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The Local Service Board

Welcome to Merthyr Tydfil Local Service Board’s webpage. Here we aim to offer some background information on the Local Service Board (LSB); outline the LSB’s key aims; provide information on its current membership and focus on the key projects/ programmes etc. which it oversees.


Local Service Boards were developed as part of Welsh Government’s response to the findings of the Beecham Review’s analysis which was published in 2006. The Beecham review found that public services in Wales face 3 major barriers to responding effectively to citizens:

  • Culture;
  • Complexity; and
  • Capacity. 

The Beecham Review Team felt that partnership working needed to ‘shift gear’ from planning to delivery. Additionally, they identified that leadership and key skills (such as analytical capacity and project management) needed to be pooled across the public services more effectively. There was also a need to ensure that existing activities in partnership (e.g.) children and young people; health and social care and community safety was co-ordinated – this would reduce duplication of effort whilst ensuring all key issues continued to be addressed effectively.


The LSB primary aims are: 

  • To improve the quality of life and outcomes for the citizens of Merthyr Tydfil;
  • To provide leadership to ensure difficult issues across public services are confidently managed – not avoided or ignored;
  • To stimulate dialogue, co-ordination and co-operation between local, regional and national public sector organisations to improve and integrate service delivery for the citizen;
  • To remove ‘roadblocks’ to positive progress and minimise bureaucracy;
  • To celebrate success in the delivery of services to citizens of Merthyr Tydfil; and
  • To consider ‘best value’ in the expenditure of public service resources and to explore areas where collaboration/integration would provide greater efficiencies and improved outcomes for citizens.
Terms of Reference

A copy of the LSB’s Terms of Reference can be accessed via the links section of this page. The Terms of Reference are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain current and continue to meet identified need.


The current membership of Merthyr Tydfil LSB is listed below.

  • Mostyn James JP DL - Independent Chair
  • Gareth Chapman - Chief Executive (MTCBC)
  • Cllr Brendan Toomey - Leader (MTCBC)
  • Dr Chris Jones - Chair (Cwm Taf University Health Board)
  • Allison Williams - Chief Executive (Cwm Taf University Health Board)
  • Sally Burke - Chief Superintendent (South Wales Police)
  • Ceri Breeze - Senior Officer (Welsh Government)
  • Ian Davy - Chief Officer (Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil)
  • Brian Lewis - Chair (Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil)
  • Nicola John - Director (Cwm Taf University Health Board)
  • Ruth Treharne - Director of Primary, Community & Mental Health (Cwm Taf University Health Board)
  • Ellis Cooper - Corporate Director- Place & Transformation (MTCBC)
  • Lorraine Buck - Corporate Director - People & Performance (MTCBC)
  • Youth Mayor/Chair of Youth Cabinet - Young Persons’ representative

When required, a number of additional co-opted members can be asked to attend LSB meetings. These officers would offer sector specific skills and experience to ensure that all plans set down; actions taken and outcomes achieved are completed in the most efficient, effective way available. Additional support is provided to the LSB by the Partnership Team within MTCBC.

If you'd like further information regarding Merthyr Tydfil LSB, please contact:

LSB and Partnerships Manager 

Tel: 01685 725484 E-Mail:

LSB Support & Development Officer

Tel: 01685 725227 E-Mail:  

Merthyr Tydfil LSB Information Strategy


The requirement for all LSBs to produce an Information Strategy to support delivery of their Single Integrated Plan (SIP) was laid down in Welsh Government’s guidance note ‘Shared Purpose, Purpose Delivery’. This guidance note set out the role of local government and their partners, through LSBs, in helping to achieve these outcomes by bringing together public service leaders to plan, work, deliver and improve. ‘Shared Purpose – Shared Delivery’ outlines the following:

“A Single Integrated Plan should include an Information Strategy setting out how partners will best make use of those resources available in order to provide the LSB with the right information at the right time to inform its work. The information available to partners should be a shared local resource for ongoing needs analysis, intervention design and impact evaluation across the whole single integrated plan”.


To prepare the Information Strategy, the research undertaken consisted of a literature review to gain an understanding of the legislation, guidance and research literature regarding LSBs, partnership working and information strategies.

A review of information strategies produced by other agencies/organisations both within Wales and across England was undertaken to support the Strategy’s development. A presentation prepared by Welsh Government’s LSB Support Team on the preparation of Information Strategies was reviewed to ensure all relevant aspects required for inclusion were covered.

Progress to Date

A draft Information Strategy has been produced with regular support from colleagues within the LSB Support Team. The Strategy was prepared using the headings suggested by Welsh Government’s LSB Support Team presentation and offers an explanation of why the Information Strategy is needed whilst outlining how information could be used by Merthyr Tydfil LSB. It clarifies the role of LSB partners in information management and re-enforces the collaborative approach.

Input has been sought from the relevant colleagues within MTCBC; Cwm Taf University Health Board; South Wales Police; VAMT and Welsh Government to ensure all partners have opportunity to comment upon its content and offer amendments/additions to reflect their requirements of their own organisations. Advice and guidance was also sought from MTCBC’s Information Security department. On receipt of responses from partners, the feedback/ideas received were considered and incorporated into the Strategy where appropriate. The final draft of the LSB Information Strategy was presented at the LSB meeting held on 27th March 2014 and given final approval.

Next Steps

Merthyr Tydfil LSB's Information Strategy is currently under review to ensure it remains fit for purpose - the updated and LSB approved Strategy will be posted on this website upon completion of the review.

Development of Scrutiny arrangements linked to Merthyr Tydfil LSB


Merthyr Tydfil Local Service Board brings together public service leaders and is at the heart of multi-agency working. It is responsible for leading and overseeing the delivery of Merthyr Tydfil’s SIP. Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 impacts upon the delivery of LSB Scrutiny with an important provision of the measure being the requirement for local government Scrutiny Committees to scrutinise public services in the area.

To further strengthen the requirement for LSB scrutiny, in June 2012 Welsh Government published ‘Shared Purpose, Shared Delivery’: it’s guidance on integrating partnerships and plans. Welsh Government considered LSB’s to be the appropriate forum for formulating and reviewing SIPs. ‘Shared Purpose, Shared Delivery’ also stated local authorities should have in place “effective scrutiny processes to ensure local democratic accountability for partnership actions”.


To progress the development of appropriate scrutiny arrangements for Merthyr Tydfil LSB, a task and finish group was established. This group was made up of selected members of the Chief Executive’s Scrutiny Committee, members of the LSB Support and Partnership team and was supported by the Team Leader of MTCBC’s Scrutiny Services. Work was undertaken to review the type of scrutiny undertaken in other local authority areas with regards to LSBs; as well as to enable those involved to develop their existing knowledge of rules and requirements regarding LSBs’ partnership working and scrutiny.

Progress to Date

As a result of this review; a briefing paper was prepared which included information on how other local authorities were dealing with this issue in other areas; the number of Scrutiny Committees operating across other local authorities; the frequency of meetings. Throughout this process, the ongoing scrutiny of the LSB-supported projects such as the Change Programme; Consultation and Engagement project; Hedfan 8-14 Out of School Learning programme etc. has continued to be undertaken by Chief Executive’s Scrutiny Committee.

Throughout the development of the options report; regular verbal updates were presented at meetings of Merthyr Tydfil LSB to ensure all partners were brought up to date with ongoing development in this area and to seek the views/opinions of LSB members. The finalised draft report outlined a number of options which could to be considered by the full Scrutiny Committee to progress this matter for final decision to MTCBC’s Cabinet. The final draft report was also fed up to LSB members to secure their views on preferred options; these were fed back to the Team Leader of Scrutiny Services and Task and Finish group members.

‘Task and Finish Group’ members presented the finished report to the full Chief Executive’s Scrutiny Committee and Committee members agreed this report was now ready to be presented to MTCBC’s Cabinet. This report was taken to the MTCBC Cabinet meeting which took place on 23/04/2014 and it was confirmed that scrutiny of Merthyr Tydfil LSB would be undertaken by the Chief Executive’s Scrutiny Committee. 4 proposals for topics which could be reviewed by Chief Executive’s Scrutiny Committee where prepared and presented to LSB members for approval – this was secured at the LSB meeting on 29/05/2014.

During 2014/15, 4 topics proposed for review by Chief Executive’s Scrutiny Committee was presented – the Committee were offered updates on the SIP Review process and Annual Report;

  • the LSB Information Strategy (2014/15);
  • the Cwm Taf Joint Engagement Strategy; and
  • the performance management arrangements supporting delivery of Merthyr Tydfil's Single Integrated Plan.

Members of Chief Executive's Scrutiny Committee were happy with the content of the reports submitted and subsequent discussions.

Next Steps

Discussions are due to take place ensuring Merthyr Tydfil LSB appear on the MTCBC Scrutiny Workplan for 2015/16. Further details on the topics to undergo scrutiny will be published when confirmed.