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MTCBC’s fleet of vehicles set to go electric!

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  • 21 Jul 2021

With the aim of being Carbon Neutral by 2030, our fleet operations team have purchased 4 x Electric Vehicles (EVs), with 4 more being delivered by September this year.

The new vehicles, which are currently used by our Waste & Recycling Wardens, not only produce less CO2 per km compared to a diesel equivalent – making them better for the environment – but also provide a financial saving to the authority.

Warden, Chris Evans, said: “I take great pride in driving an EV with zero emission while doing my daily job of helping residents recycle efficiently.  It feels like I’m doing something worthwhile for the environment and the community.”

The 4 new vehicles due in September will support our IT, parking and waste & recycling services to travel producing zero carbon emissions.

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