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Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

Education Maintenance Allowance Wales is a scheme run by the Welsh Assembly, providing young people who wish to continue in education after school leaving age with an incentive to earn awards through good attendance and achieving agreed objectives. For further information please contact the Student Finance Wales website.

Education Maintenance Allowance

Parents/guardians of children who continue in school beyond the statutory school leaving age are eligible for consideration for the award of maintenance allowances. Grants are payable in accordance with scales drawn up from guidance by the LEA and vary according to family circumstances and the age of the pupil, (there is one scale for pupils aged sixteen at the commencement of term and another for those aged seventeen and above).

The grant is normally payable per term shortly after the commencement of term, subject to certification by the headteacher that the pupil is attending and progressing satisfactorily and is considered to be likely to continue to do so until the end of that term.

Application must be made on a "Financial Assistance" form obtainable from Integrated Children's Services, downloadable off our website or obtained from the relevant school.

Each school has its own procedures for assistance in this matter and parents should check with the relevant school for details.

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