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You can pay your Council Tax online 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Pay Your Council Tax

Direct Debit

This is the easiest way of paying and is the only method of payment which gives you a choice of payment date, on either the 1st, 10th or 20th of the month.

Please note: Council Tax payers who wish to pay by Direct Debit will have the option to make payments over 10 or 12 months. The option of 12 monthly instalments is only available to Direct Debit payers.

Paperless Direct Debit

From the 1st April 2011 you can now set up a Direct Debit over the telephone by simply contacting the Revenues Section on 01685 725000 and answer a number of simple questions.

Paper Direct Debit

If however you wish to complete a paper mandate a Direct Debit application form is available with the annual Council Tax Demand notice issued to you each March; or by contacting the Council Tax Section on 01685 724555.

If you have difficulty in completing this form please refer to the Direct Debit Guidance.

Please return the completed form to the Council, do not send it back to your Bank or Building Society, as we will be unaware of your intention to pay your liability by this method.

Please note that from April 1st 2009, Council Tax payers who wish to pay their Council Tax liability by Direct Debit will have the option to make payments over 10 or 12 months. The option of paying over 12 monthly instalments is only open to Direct Debit payers.

Automated Payment System


You can pay your Council Tax, Rents, Business Rates and Council Invoices using a touch-tone telephone.

We use a secure system to authorise credit and debit cards payments.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English and Welsh, on Telephone No: 01685 725115


Internet banking is now available through Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council's website. Click here for the Pay For It service. As above, a secure system is used to authorise payments. This facility is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Details of the Card types we accept are shown below.


What is Council Tax?

Council Tax helps pay for the services Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council provides for the people of Merthyr Tydfil.

These services include:

  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Community centres
  • Street lighting
  • Refuse collection
  • Youth and sports centres
  • Libraries
  • Swimming pools

It also pays for our contribution towards:

  • Police
  • Fire and civil defence
  • Public transport
  • Rubbish and waste disposal

I have a new property. What do I do?

If you have moved into, become responsible for or purchased a property you must inform us immediately advising of who is the responsible person for the property: In Person, By Phone or written correspondence.

Do I have to pay Council Tax?

You have to pay Council Tax for most properties. There is one Council Tax Demand for each property whether it is a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette or mobile home or houseboat and whether it is owned or rented.

The bill sent to you at the beginning of the financial year allows you to pay in 10 monthly instalments. Usually the dwelling's resident owners or tenants are liable.

Where two or more residents are joint owners or joint tenants, they are each responsible for paying the bill. In some cases, for example, houses in multiple occupation, non-resident owners may be liable.

How can Council Tax payments be made?

You can pay your Council Tax Demand in full at the start of the financial year if you wish. However, most people choose to pay in 10 monthly instalments starting in April and ending in January, usually on the 1st of the month. See How To pay your Council Tax (below) for more details.


When do I have to pay my Council Tax?

Council Tax demand notices are due in 10 monthly instalments from April to January. The date you must pay your instalment each month is shown on your Council Tax Demand notice. This will normally be the 1st of each month.

If you pay in a Bank or Post Office, or send your payment through the post, please remember that we will not receive your payment for a few days. Please allow for this delay when you pay in one of these ways.

What if I'm living in Merthyr Tydfil but have another home elsewhere?

The amount of Council Tax payable works on the principle of 'sole or main residence'. The liable person for any dwelling is normally the 'resident'; for Council Tax that person can be a resident in only one location - their main residence. This is where full Council Tax is payable or where claims for single person discount could be considered. In some areas of the UK this results in a 50% discount for the 'second' home because it has no 'residents'.

In Wales special rules may be applied for furnished dwellings that have no residents. In Merthyr Tydfil the Council has resolved that no discount is allowable for dwellings in this category.


How is the cost of my Council Tax worked out?

The normal Council Tax bill is based on 50% property element and 25% each for 2 (or more) people in residence.

Your Council Tax Demand is based on a banding determined by the Listing Officer. If you want further details about your banding, please contact:

The Listing Officer
Council Tax Wales
Valuation Office Agency
Ty Glyder
339 High Street
North Wales
LL57 1EP

Telephone Number: 03000 505505


How do I get more information?

For further information go to the Valuation Office Agency Website.

For all other Council Tax information please contact us on the contact numbers or email address below:

  • Council Tax Recovery: 01685 724555
  • Council Tax Registration: 01685 725392
  • Council Tax Benefits: 01685 725116/725371
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