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Drug treatment and testing orders

This order only applies to those young people who committed an offence before 30 November 2009. It has been replaced by, and is now part of, the Youth Rehabilitation Order.

When is it appropriate?

A Drug Treatment Requirement and Drug Testing Requirement should only be attached to a YRO when the young person’s drug use has been identified as a substantive factor in their offending behaviour and this requirement is necessary to address these issues. YOTs should consider all other available options to deal with these issues outside of a formal requirement.

Who manages this requirement?

The YOT is responsible for monitoring and enforcing this requirement. External service providers (managed by the National Probation Service) will be expected to inform the YOT of progress so that YOTs can effectively monitor this requirement.

If the young offender fails to follow the treatment plan, they may need to returned to Court for re-sentencing.


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