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Homelessness Prevention Fund

The purpose of this funding is to top up the discretionary homelessness prevention funds that the Local Authority currently utilises to prevent and alleviate homelessness.

This discretionary funding can be used in a flexible way in line with parameters set by the Local Authority, with the overall aim of preventing homelessness.

The funding can cover such prevention and relief measures included within the Authority’s existing rules and legal framework. Examples may include:

  • Paying rent in advance or offering a rent guarantee to secure a tenancy for an individual.
  • Paying off rent arrears as part of a package of action to sustain a tenancy (where not eligible for Discretionary Housing Payments).
  • Helping to fund repairs to a property from damage caused by a tenant as part of a package to avoid eviction.
  • Paying for diversionary activities or items to help engage a person in support provision to help them sustain their tenancy.

Please note these are examples and are not intended to be an exhaustive list – it is for the local authority to determine what is an appropriate use of discretionary funding to prevent and relieve homelessness, working within their own rules and legal frameworks.

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