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Child Entertainment and Employment Licenses

Child Performance Licence

When is a Child Performance licence required

  • For all children from birth up to the end of their compulsory education. This is defined as the last Friday in June in the academic year in which they turn 16
  • When a charge is made in connection with the performance. This applies whether the performers are paid or not
  • When the performance takes place at licensed premises or a registered club
  • When the performance is recorded to be broadcast or exhibited (for example on TV, radio, film, internet etc.)

Chaperone Licence

Children who take part in public performances or entertainment under a local authority licence, must be supervised by an approved chaperone unless they are in the care of their parent or an approved tutor.

A Chaperone's first duty is to the child in their care. They are responsible for safeguarding, supporting and promoting the wellbeing of the child, and must not engage in any activity that would interfere with their duties.

To apply for a chaperone licence an applicant must be over the age of 18 and have a valid DBS certificate. Chaperone licences are valid for three years. It is your responsibility to ensure you renew the licence at the end of this period as we do not issue renewal letters.

Child Employment Permit

The employment of children is covered by strict rules and regulations which protect children from any harm or being exploited and to make sure the child’s health and education does not suffer.

A child must have attained his/her 13th birthday before an application for a work permit can be made.

The legislation applies to all children (including the children of the employer) who are under compulsory school age. (the last Friday in June in the school year in which they have their 16th birthday). Receipt of a National Insurance Number and Card is not a sign that a child can get a full time job and/or leave school).

How to apply

Further information and application can be viewed in the link below.
Completed applications should be sent to:

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