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School Budget Forum

Section 47A of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, as amended by the Education Act 2002, required all Councils to establish a Schools Forum.

In accordance with the Schools Forums (Wales) Regulations 2003, Merthyr Tydfil CBCs Schools Forum has been established since 2004, and as per the regulations can be known locally as a ‘Schools Budget Forum’.  

Councils are required to consult their Schools Budget Forum annually on:

  • The local authority’s Schools budget
  • Changes to scheme of delegation, including changes to funding formula and the likely impact of such changes.
  • Contracts for supplies and services that exceed the prescribed threshold for procurement and
  • Service level agreements for the supply of goods and services by the authority to schools.

The authority may also consult the Forum on the financial implications of other matters such as:

  • Arrangements for free school meals
  • Arrangements for insurance
  • Arrangements for the education of pupils with special educational needs
  • Arrangements for the use of pupil referral units and the education of children

otherwise than at school

  • Early years education
  • Allocation and use of specific grants
  • School Transport

The Schools Budget Forum is made up of school representatives and non-school representatives.

The school representatives include:

  • Head teachers - Primary, Secondary, Voluntary Aided, Welsh Medium & Special
  • Governors

The non-school representatives include:

  • Local Authority Officers, including Chief Education Officer & Chief Finance Officer
  • Trade Union Representative
  • Portfolio lead for Education Services

Below are the links to the School Forum & School Forum Working Group: Terms of Reference, Membership & Minutes

School Budget Forum

Terms of Reference

School Forum Terms of Reference


Membership by Sector and by Cluster

Minutes of the Forum

2022-09-28 School Budget Forum Minutes

2022-11-15 School Budget Forum Minutes

2022-12-16 School Budget Forum Special Minutes

2023-01-18 School Budget Forum Minutes

2023-02-02 School Budget Forum Minutes

2023-03-27 School Budget Forum Minutes

2023-07-11 School Budget Forum Redacted

2023-09-19 School Budget Forum Redacted

2023-11-14 School Budget Forum Minutes

2023-12-05 School Budget Forum Minutes

2024-01-11 School Budget Forum Minutes

2024-01-23 School Budget Forum Minutes

School Forum Working Group

Terms of Reference

School Forum Working Group Terms of Reference


Membership School Forum Working Group

Minutes of the Forum

2023-01-10 School Budget Forum Working Group

2023-03-14 School Budget Forum Working Group

2023-11-10 School Budget Forum Working Group

2023-11-21 School Budget Forum Working Group

2024-01-15 School Budget Forum Working Group

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