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Home to School Transport Overview

You have a legal responsibility to ensure that your child attends school regularly and this includes arranging travel to and from school, meeting the costs of this and accompanying your child as necessary. In some cases, we have a legal obligation to provide free school transport. We will help your child with home to school transport if your child is attending their nearest suitable school.

Free home to school transport is provided to:

  • Primary aged pupils who live 2 miles or more from their catchment or nearest suitable school
  • Secondary aged pupils who live 3 miles or more from their catchment or nearest available school, including Welsh-medium and faith schools.

Definition of 'nearest suitable school':

The Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2009 states that the definition of nearest “suitable School” is where the “education or training provided is suitable having regard to age, ability and aptitude of the learner and any learning difficulties he or she may have".

We cannot help with transport if you choose to send your child to a school other than the nearest school. Transport is only available between the school and your home address - you cannot use this transport to take your child to a second address or childcare facilities.

Find your nearest school.

Other circumstances:

  • If your child lives at more than one home address (dual residency)
  • If your child has special educational needs, disability or mobility problems and is unable to walk to school
  • Their route to school is less than the statutory walking distance but has been assessed and deemed unavailable to walk.

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