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Personal travel budget (PTB)

What a personal travel budget (PTB) is and how to apply.

A personal travel budget (PTB) is a payment for you to spend on your child’s travel to school. It enables you as a family to have choice and control over your child’s journey to school. 

You can spend this payment as needed to ensure your child travels to school in the best possible way that meets your needs as a family.

You can use the money to:

  • pay for the costs of driving your child to school
  • give to a family member or friend so they can drive your child to school
  • pay for someone to walk your other children to school
  • spend on taxi fares or public transport costs
  • pay for anything else that works for your family


You may be eligible for a PTB if your child meets the following criteria

  • Must reside within the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil
  • Live more than 2 miles (primary) or 3 miles (secondary) away from their nearest suitable school
  • Is currently being transported on a single occupancy Council transport contract
  • Needs to be placed on a single occupancy contract due to your child’s needs of behaviour
  • Where there is no existing transport available on a certain route resulting in single occupancy contract

How it works

How much money you get is worked out based on the two return journeys to and from school at the beginning and end of the day. It’s not just based on the mileage of the journey. We’ll work with you to agree a daily rate based on the mileage as payment enhancement.

How payment is made

Once we have agreed a daily/monthy rate we pay the PTB into a bank account of your choice. This will normally at the start of each month in advance, so that the money is there to use straight away, or it could be paid in arrears; the choice is yours.

We will at the end of each month check attendance records and any adjustments will be made from the next payment that is due. 

A personal may be withdrawn in certain circumstances

  • Persistent absence
  • Evidence that the PTB is not being used appropriately
  • It is not cost effective for the Council to continue providing the PTB.
  • It has been assessed that the pupil no longer qualifies for transport assistance

Benefits of a personal travel budget (PTB)

A PTB is not tax deductible and does not need to be declared as income. A PTB enables you to have flexibility with the journey to school. For example: 

  • If you as a family are running late one day, you can leave when you're ready
  • It enables you to maintain relationships with school through daily contact that would otherwise be lost if your child was travelling in a taxi. 

The choice and control with how you spend the money lies with your family.

It offers an ordinary life for disabled children; they will be travelling to school with their family rather than strangers, meaning fewer transitions during their school day.

To find out if you’re eligible for a PTB, please contact the school transport department.

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