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Active Merthyr Tydfil

Active Merthyr Tydfil is MTCBC’s dedicated sports development team operating across schools and the community.

Local attractions

Find out what you can see and do in Merthyr Tydfil.

Markets and fairs

Information on upcoming markets and fairs

Farmers' markets

Find out when the farmers' markets are held and what is for sale

Markets - information and advice

Information on the markets that regularly operate in the Town Center


Find information on plot sizes and contact details

Camping and caravan sites

Information on Camping and Caravan sites in Merthyr Tydfil

Arts - Development

Find information on Arts

Arts - Information and advice

View the Arts Handbook

Countryside - information and advice

Information and advice on Countryside & Wildlife Leglislation

Countryside Conservation

Information on Countryside Conservation

Countryside Management Projects

Information on the Biodiversity Action Plan & Partnership

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