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Apply for a Disabled Person's Bus Pass

Use this service to apply for a disabled persons bus pass.

Application for a Disabled Persons Bus Pass

To apply for a free disabled persons bus pass you must be able to provide evidence that you are a resident of the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough.

Automatic Criteria

If you are in receipt of either:

  • Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component at the Higher Rate
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) mobility activity
  • War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
Proof of Eligibility

At the time of your application you will need to provide the following evidence:

  • Proof that you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component at the Higher Rate - most recent award letter; or
  • Proof of Personal Independence Payment - PIP letter (including the points awarded); or
  • Proof that you are in receipt of War Pension Mobility Supplement; and
  • Proof of address e.g. current council tax bill, utility bill, current driving licence, bank statement
Discretionary Criteria

If you are not in receipt of any of the above awards you can still apply for a bus pass.

Once you have returned the completed application form to the Civic Centre they will contact your GP, in writing, to verify the information you have provided. As soon as the forms are received back from your GP we will contact you to let your know whether or not you have been successful.

A person who meets the criteria for a disabled person’s concessionary bus pass and are so severely disabled that it would be impossible for them to travel or make a journey without the assistance of a companion, may be entitled to a ‘Companion Pass’.  This would allow the pass holder to travel with a companion free of charge.  The eligibility of a companion pass is subject to medical evidence.

If you are making your application in person, you do not need to provide a photograph as it can be taken for you. This is subject to the camera equipment being in working order at the time of your application.

However, if your disability prevents you from getting into the Civic Centre  you can provide a photograph with your Bus Pass Application Form which should meet the following criteria:

A recent colour photograph which is a true likeness of yourself

  • Taken against a light grey, cream or white background
  • You must be facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • The photograph must show your full face
  • Where possible it is preferable to remove glasses. However if they must be worn for medical reasons they should not cover the eye, should be free from reflection or glare and must not be tinted

Please note: If you are sending a photograph we need a copy of some other form of photo ID for example a driving licence or passport to confirm your identity

When can I use my pass?

Passes are valid for free travel on local bus services throughout Wales. You can use your pass at any time and on any day of the week. You can travel free of charge on almost all local bus services throughout Wales apart from:

  • Rail Link bus services, which connect with trains and charge rail based fares
  • National Express/Long distance coach services
  • Bus operating tourist services
What if my pass is faulty, lost, stolen or damaged?

Replacement passes cost £5 and can be obtained from the Civic Centre.   The replacement pass will be issued during your visit (subject to the equipment being in working order at the time of your visit).

When a new pass is created the lost pass will no longer be valid, if found please destroy as it will not be accepted on any of the bus services.

When will I need to renew my pass?

For the majority of passes  there is no expiry date however, if a pass is issued due to a temporary medical condition it may be given for a limited period of time.   When the pass expires the pass holder will, if necessary, have to re-apply.

You must ensure you inform the Council of any change your address or your circumstances change providing any one of the following documents as evidence:

  • Proof of your new address (e.g. current council tax bill, utility bill [current financial year], recent correspondence from Department of Work and Pensions, HMRC etc)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Deed Poll document
  • Decree Absolute certificate

Please note: If you are sending a photograph we need a copy of some other form of photo ID for example a driving licence or passport to confirm your identity

What if my bus pass is no longer needed?

You should inform the Council if any of the following circumstance applies:

  • You move house to somewhere out of the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough
  • You no longer wish to take advantage of the bus pass
  • Because of bereavement of the pass holder
  • The bus pass should be returned to the Civic Centre
Other conditions of use
  • You are the only person allowed to use your bus pass 
  • Where a companion pass has been issued, the companion will be permitted to travel at the same time and on the same journey as the pass holder
  • If you allow someone else to use it, your pass  will  be cancelled

The Council cannot accept liability for the failure of any bus service to operate or of any operator refusing to accept a bus pass for travel.

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