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Sewers and Water Mains

Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water is responsible for public surface water sewers, public foul sewers and clean water mains.

The Private sewer transfer regulations were passed by the Welsh Government on the 21st of June. The regulations surrounding the transfer came into force from the 1st of July 2011. The new legislation means that from the 1st of October 2011 Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water takes over responsibility for most sewer pipes that currently belong to homeowners.

If you have a problem with a sewer or for further information regarding who is responsible for the drains and sewers in your property, please visit the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water website or contact Welsh Water on 0800 085 3968. 

If you encounter any problems with water mains or services, either visit the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water website or call 0800 052 0130.

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