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Storing Building Materials on the Highway

If you are considering storing building materials such as bricks, or bags of sand on the carriageway, a materials license application must be submitted prior to when it is required. It is an offence to place anything on the highway without permission from the local Highways Authority (Highways Act 1980, section 169). Any materials stored without a license is illegal, and may be removed and result in legal action taken. If you wish to store materials on your private driveway you will not require a license.

We require 5 working days to consider and process a license application or renewal application.

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Prior to a license being approved a site meeting may be arranged by the highways officer with the resident. The site may be inspected for any prior damage and any additional conditions are agreed onsite. The site is also inspected throughout the license period for safety and compliance with license conditions. A final site inspection is carried out at the end of the license period, once the materials have been removed, to establish if there is any damage to the highway.

Materials must not be placed onsite before inspection has taken place and before the license has been issued.

Please download and complete the attached form and email it to who will contact you to collect the payment.

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