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Roads, Footways and Pavements

Current roadworks, roads maintenance, and how to report a roadside issue  

Highways Maintenance

Advice on highways maintenance and how to report a highways issue.

Reporting Highways Issues

Reporting Highways Issues

Apply for a dropped kerb

What you need to do to apply for a dropped kerb.

Report a Pothole

How to report Potholes that need a repair.


Information on pavement maintenance.

Report a street light

Report a faulty street light.

Report street furniture

Report damaged or missing street furniture.

Report a street nameplate

Tell us about a damaged or missing street nameplate.

Maintenance - structural surveys

Information on surveys carried out on the highways in the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil.

Snow clearance

Snow clearing information from our WInter Maintenance Plan

Request or Report Gritting

Request or report gritting, a grit bin refill or a new grit bin.


General information on the Highway Network Management Plan


Report an obstruction on the highway.

Report a Bridge Problem

Report a problem with a bridge.

Report a retaining wall or subway

Report a damaged retaining wall or subway.

Report a blocked drain or gully

Let us know about a blocked drain or gully.

Gully Grate or Manhole Cover

Report a damaged or missing gully grate or manhole cover.

Traffic Lights

Report a damaged traffic light.

Report a damaged or missing Traffic Sign

Report a damaged or missing Traffic Sign.

Overhanging vegetation, trees or hedges

Report overhanging vegetation, trees or hedges.


Find out about maintenance of verges and who has responsibility for it.