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Highways Maintenance

The Section has a responsibility for the control of highways maintenance to ensure the effective repair and maintenance of the existing highway network.

Highways Maintenance Officers carry out the routine safety inspections of the highway to identify items of maintenance for inclusion in future programmes as well as lesser matters that require more immediate attention. Each inspection needs to be diligently recorded for future reference to ascertain the rate of deterioration of a street and to allow defence to be established in connection with third party accident claims.

Any works required as a result of an inspection will generate a works order (electronically) to the highways operations team and outside contractors utilising contractual and other arrangements permitted by legislation and subsequently supervise and determine the value of the works undertaken.

The Team investigates requests for service from customers, MP's, AM’s, elected Councillors, residents and public interest groups and where appropriate, budget permitting, issue works orders to rectify the problems.

The New Road and Street Works Act 1991 imposes obligations and responsibilities on the Street Authority (usually the Highway Authority), utility companies and others who undertake works in the highway. There is a requirement to register, control and coordinate all activities via our Street Works team.

Reporting a highways maintenance problem

If you wish to report a highway maintenance problem , please use our Road Maintenance Online Report Form or contact us via the details below.

Reporting a Pothole

If you wish to report a pothole, please use our Pothole Online Report Form, or contact us via the details below.