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Report a Pothole

Use this service to report a Pothole.

PLEASE NOTE: the authority does not maintain the trunk roads A470, A4060 and A465 (Heads of the Valleys Road). These roads are the responsibility of the South Wales Trunk Road Agent and problems should be reported directly to them by phone on 0300 1231213
What is a pothole?

Potholes can be caused by a variety of reasons, whether it is surface or sub-surface failure.Potholes pose a danger to road users and pedestrians alike, with increased risk of vehicle damage and injury.  If left untreated, potholes can deteriorate, increase in size and affect other parts of the road surface.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council has a statutory responsibility to maintain its highways at reasonable public expense (Highways Act 1980 - S. 41) and almost all pothole claims made against the authority arise from the alleged breach of this section within the Highways Act.

What is the process for dealing with Potholes and how do we prioritise?

Safety is our principal priority, although there will be occasions during flooding and heavy snow etc where climatic conditions dictate that the routine approach is not possible.

A typical repair to a defect would begin with a Highway Inspector undertaking a visual check, as part of their routine safety inspections or as a result of a service request from the public.

If our intervention criteria is met being an ‘actionable’ pothole, the inspector would then mark out around the defect and issue a works order to the highway maintenance team.

Following your report of a Pothole, an inspector will visit the site and assess if any works are required.

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