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PLEASE NOTE: the authority does not maintain the trunk roads A470, A4060 and A465 (Heads of the Valleys Road). These roads are the responsibility of the South Wales Trunk Road Agent and problems should be reported directly to them by phone on 0300 123 1213.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council as the Highway Authority is responsible for providing a winter maintenance service. This enables us to assist the travelling public to use the county borough road network with reasonable safety throughout adverse winter weather. Our aim is to maintain or reinstate as quickly as possible free and safe traffic flow, on all routes during the winter period and to ensure that vehicles and pedestrians can use them with safety.

How do we decide when to treat the roads? 

Between 1st November and 31st March daily weather forecasts will be received from the Weather Forecast Provider. These are analysed very carefully and a decision is made on what action is required on that day.

Where the forecast does not give a clear indication of ice or snow the Council can call upon a number of road sensors around the county, which can give up to the minute information on the surface temperature of the road.

When we grit

Gritting usually takes place overnight during snow or icy road conditions. The gritting routes will be treated as a precaution and we will re-treat the area if snow or ice is still present after precautionary treatment.

We will carry out a precautionary treatment if either snow has been forecast, or if freezing conditions occur immediately following rain.

If snow levels build up, snow ploughs will be used.

Please see the link below for a list of grit bin locations in the County Borough.