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Maintenance - structural surveys

Mechanised Condition Inspections

SCANNER and SCRIM surveys are carried out on the County Borough highways. These structural surveys are carried out on behalf of the Authority by specialist contractors primarily utilising highly sophisticated survey vehicles and equipment.

The SCANNER survey machines collect a range of data about the geometry such as gradient, cross fall and curvature, as an example, of roads.

SCRIM (Sideways force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) – is used to measure the wet skidding resistance of road surfaces.

Structural Repair Register

The Highways Network Group analyse these survey results and then add any scheme requirements to a Structural repair register. The register is a forward programme of identified work for which a budget has and has not been identified. Each scheme is costed and prioritised on the register to progress, if funding is available.

All Highways Officers are required to directly or indirectly record future works needs, identified by themselves as a result of formal or informal highway inspections, and include details of this work in the structural repair register.


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