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Parking on Pavements

The Council has a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use.

Illegally parked vehicles cost the Council thousands of pounds a year in damage paving, damage grass verges, and cause serious problems for blind, disabled and older people.

What action does the Council take against pavement parking?

If there are waiting restrictions (yellow lines) on the highway adjacent to the pavement then a Penalty Charge Notice would be issued since a vehicle parked in this manner is in contravention of the traffic order. Waiting restrictions cover the highway from centre of highway to back of footpath.

If there are no waiting restrictions on the highway adjacent to the pavement, then the Council has no powers to take action and this should be taken up with the Police since it constitutes obstruction.

Why is pavement parking a problem?

Pavements are constructed and provided for pedestrian use.

Vehicles parked on pavements are:

  • A hazard to pedestrians causing an obstruction that may result in them having to step off the pavement onto the highway thus putting themselves in danger
  • A hazard by restricting the width of the pavement making it difficult for someone with a pushchair of wheelchair to pass safely - again this person may have to step into the highway to avoid the obstruction
  • A hazard due to the damage caused by driving on and off the pavement - broken flags etcetera

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