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Demolition Enforcement

When intending to demolish a building, notice must be given to the Local Authority under Section 80 of The Building Act 1984, which is usually a minimum of six weeks prior to work commencing.

Notice is not required in respect of a building not more than 1,750 cubic feet in volume by external measurement, although consideration must be given to the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as it may relate to demolition and development.

A location plan of the building and adjoining streets must be provided together with a method statement, and risk assessment, for the demolition of larger buildings.

You are also required to inform the Health & Safety Executive, by way of an F10 notice of the intended demolition, a copy of which is also required by us.

Consideration should be given to the Party Wall Act 1996. This Act sets out the rights and responsibilities of adjoining owners in respect of such structures. These are essentially of private law as between the owners concerned and are not enforced by the Local Authority.

Statutory undertakers should also be notified in order that they may arrange for their services to be properly sealed.

Failure to give notice can result in a fine not exceeding £2,000 on the current scale.

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