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Building Control

Building Regulations, Dangerous Structures and Demolitions


Conservation areas and heritage assets.

Make a planning application

How to Submit Your Planning Application, plus, Pre- Application advice and charging schedule

Planning Advice and Guidance

Utilise the Planning Portal for advice and guidance

Planning Application Forms

Download planning application forms or use the Planning Portal to apply online

Planning Policy

The adopted Local Development Plan, supporting Supplementary Planning Guidance and CIL

Planning Enforcement

Enforcement Policy, breaches of Planning Control, and how to make a complaint

First Replacement Local Development Plan 2016-2031

Find out about the preparation of the First Replacement Local Development Plan

Planning Search and Weekly Lists

View planning applications and most recent Weekly Lists

Planning Consultations

View any consultations currently being undertaken

Planning Appeals

How to view planning appeals

Planning - Advertisement Control

Where to find advice for the proposed display of advertisements

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