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Pre-application Advice

The Council encourages and welcomes applicants and developers to engage in pre-application discussions at the earliest opportunity in the development process.  The benefits of obtaining such advice can help identify the planning issues and requirements before an application is submitted.  It can also save costs in the long run if you decide not to pursue a proposal where an application is totally unacceptable and is unlikely to be supported.

Our guidance note below outlines what you can expect to get out of our pre-application service as well as the relevant documentation that will be required to be submitted with your enquiry. 


Pre-application Guidance Note 

Pre-application Charging Schedule 

Pre-application Enquiry form 

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Further guidance relating to householder development, shop front design, sustainable development, affordable housing and planning obligations can also be found via the Council’s Supplementary Planning Guidance by visiting the Planning Policy page of our website. 

Major developments

Please note: The Council’s pre-application service is separate to the mandatory pre-application consultation requirements that are placed on developers proposing ‘major development’ or Developments of National Significance (DNS).  For guidance in respect of the publicity/consultation requirements for these types of applications please visit the Welsh Government website.