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Early Help Hub

There are lots of services available for families in Merthyr Tydfil. The Early Help Hub has a significant amount of information about these services and can signpost you to the right service at the right time.

The Hub works with the Team Around the Family (TAF) key working service to support families who have more than one need for support. For example, families may need support about housing, budgeting and managing a child/young person’s behaviour. If this is the case, they are offered a keyworker who will develop an action plan with them and support them until they have achieved their goals.

Below is a link that will take you to the Education and Learning information. This page provides advice and information on schools, the youth service, wellbeing, additional learning needs, Flying Start and much more.

Learning page

Many families are struggling with the costs of living at the moment so the Local Authority have developed some information that can be helpful.

Cost of Living page