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Estates Management

The Estates Team deal with a wide range of property matters including:

  • Asset Management
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Acquisition and Disposal of Land and Buildings (Capital & Leasehold)
  • Development Advise, Feasibility & Project Management
  • Management of Land Terrier
  • Grazing Licences
  • Garage & Garden Agreements
  • Disability Discrimination Act (Physical Accessibility)
  • Compensation and Compulsory Purchase
  • Naming and Numbering of New Developments
  • Land Charges & Commons Registration
  • Local Land & Property Gazetteer
  • Commons Registration
  • Supervision of External Consultants
  • Land Reviews
  • Indexing & Management of Legal Contracts and Documents
  • Office Accommodation

Acquisition and Disposal of Land and Buildings

The Local Authority in certain circumstances needs to acquire land or buildings within the Borough for development and improvement.

The Council also disposes of land and buildings to property developers and individuals.

  • Development Site Dowlais Top: 01685 726209
  • Development Advice, Feasibility & Project Management
  • Rhydycar Project
  • Riverside (Merthyr Vale)
  • Dowlais Renewal Area

Management of Land Terrier

The Estates Department keep a record of all Council owned land with the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil.

There is a £10 charge for Land Ownership queries

Please see the Document Links section to download the Terrier Enquiry Form.

There are a number of instances where parties are encroaching on Council land without consent. We would welcome your input if you have any concerns in this respect. Any observations will be treated in confidence.

Grazing Licences

The Council own Grazing land within the Borough, the majority are tendered on a 3 years basis and are advertised in the Merthyr Express, but some occasionally become available and will also be advertised in the Merthyr Express.

Garage and Garden Agreements

The Estates Department manage the Council owed garages, which are not on Council residential estates. We also prepare and manage garden agreements.

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