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Dangerous Wild Animals licence

Any person who keeps an animal defined as being dangerous under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 needs to be licensed.  The intention of the licence is to protect the health and welfare of the animal and ensure its security and other people’s safety.

A list of the animals which require a licence can be found using the link on this page.

To make an application the following documents are required:
• application form & schedule;
• public liability insurance;
• plan of the premises.

The application fee is £345.13.  Applications can be made by post or in person at the Civic Centre by making an appointment with the Licensing Department.

Once the full application and fee has been received by the Licensing Department, a licensing inspection will be carried out at the premises with an authorised Veterinary Practitioner. 

Licences will run from the date of issue until 31st December of that calendar year.