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Dog Breeding licence

Any person who keeps a breeding establishment for dogs needs to be licensed under the Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2014.  The regulations state that a dog breeding licence is required where a person keeps 3 or more breeding bitches and :
• breeds 3 or more litters a year, or;
• advertises 3 or more litters a year, or:
• supplies puppies born from 3 or more litters, or
• advertises a business of breeding or selling puppies.

To make an application the following documents are required:
• application form;
• Enhancement and Enrichment plan;
• Puppy Socialisation plan;
• health report from your veterinary surgeon;
• plan of the premises.

The application fee is £279.17.  Applications can be made by post or in person at the Civic Centre by making an appointment with the Licensing Department.

Once the full application and fee has been received by the Licensing Department, a licensing inspection will be carried out at the premises with an authorised Veterinary Practitioner.  This inspection is to ensure that all conditions required by this Authority are being met.

If you have any welfare concerns for animals within a breeding establishment or believe a person is breeding without a licence, please contact the Licensing Department.

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