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Registering your Interest

How to register your interest in providing goods / services to Merthyr Tydfil  County Borough Council.

If you would like to register as a prospective supplier to Merthyr Tydfil Council, please register on the Sell2Wales website.

What is Sell2Wales?

The Sell2Wales website lists all the public sector tenders that have been published in Wales.

Sell2Wales is the Wales National Procurement website. It is a Welsh Government initiative that aims to help small and medium business organisations to work successfully with the Welsh Public Sector.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council aims to advertise any contracts in excess of £25,000.00 on the Sell2Wales website.

The Tendering process

When a Contract notice is published on Sell2Wales, Potential Suppliers Can Submit Tenders For a particular requirement.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council usually conducts tendering activity electronically using the eTenderWales e-sourcing system. Potential suppliers will need to ensure they are registered on the system to enable submission of tenders.

The eTenderWales system is organised into 4 main areas:

  • Attachments – containing the Invitation to Tender Document and any other relevant documents related to the requirements
  • Qualification Envelope – containing selection questions
  • Technical Envelope – Containing commercial questions
  • Commercial envelope – Containing Pricing

Preparing Your Tender

It Is Important That When Preparing Your Tender You Carefully Read All Of The Documentation You Are Provided With. If You Have Any Queries At All You Should Raise Them With The Allocated Contact Officer through the eTenderWales system, Within The Allotted Timescales, The Details Of Which Will Be Included In The Documentation. To maintain audit trails and equal treatment, the Council will not accept communications outside of the system during a tender process.

When Preparing Your Tender You Should Consider The Following:

  • Answer all questions as fully as possible
  • Provide all requested information
  • Above all, ensure that you prepare in plenty of time and that your completed tender is submitted to the Council by the time and date specified within the tender document and on the system. Tenders are usually opened on the same day as the closing date/time by a panel of officers in accordance with internal procurement rules.

Tender Evaluation

Following receipt of your tender submission, we may contact you to clarify certain aspects of your tender and/or attend a meeting to discuss your tender submission. We may also decide that a visit to your business premises is necessary to assess your ability to satisfy the requirements of the particular contract.

Whether you win or lose the tender, you will be entitled to a de-brief. This will help you to understand where you were not successful and may assist you in planning for future tender submissions.

Freedom Of Information

As a supplier/tenderer/partner/customer/agency providing services to the Council, you should be aware of the Our Obligations And Its Responsibilities Under The Freedom Of Information Act 2000 to provide on request access to recorded information held by it.

One of the consequences of those new statutory responsibilities is that information that the Council holds about your organisation may be subject to disclosure, in response to a request; unless we decide that one of the various statutory exemptions apply.


Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council collaborates with various organisations. We are currently a member of the National Procurement Service which has been setup to buy common and repetitive spend 'once for Wales'.

On a regional level, we collaborate with a number of neighbouring authorities to deliver various projects collaboratively. Helping To Produce Significant Savings and other Efficiencies and Sharing Best Practice.