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Working with Merthyr Tydfil CBC

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council’s outcomes are supported by over 2000 active suppliers.  We have a diverse supplier base ranging from simple stationery suppliers to complex high value works contractors. 

There is a mix of routes to market depending on complexity and price.  The Council does have access to multiple public sector frameworks which include suppliers for specific goods/services and works.  The frameworks have been subject to competition and help to cut down on the bureaucracy of public sector tendering.  The downsides of these arrangements for potential suppliers is that it means some areas of our spend is directed through frameworks for longer periods of time limiting our ability to engage local suppliers.

However, the Council recognises the importance of local supply and wants to increase our engagement of local contractors, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and micro enterprises. We hope that increased business locally will, in turn, help local employment and create other wellbeing outcomes.  We have set our internal thresholds to help facilitate this.  We have a lower spend threshold of £15,000 where we are able to direct this spend locally where possible.

If a framework is not used, the Council will advertise the majority of its contracts on Sell2Wales. To find out more information on registering your interest please see our Tendering page.

Our aim is to seek value for money on goods and services and works bought, whilst continuously improving the procurement process to help smaller businesses compete. The type, value and complexity of the contract will usually determine our approach to the market.

The procedure the Council uses to purchase goods and services depend on several factors which include:

  • The value of the goods and services concerned
  • The risks associated with the requirement
  • The frequency with which they are required
  • Procurement Laws


The Council needs to evaluate and understand the value of Co2 in our supply chains.  Supply chain carbon content is referred to as scope 3 data.  Our ambition is to have a net zero supply chain by 2030. It is possible that in the near future the Council will require all existing and potential suppliers to have a carbon reduction plan.