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Salaries, Expenses and Allowances

Councillor salaries

The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales produces an Annual Report, which sets out the type and levels of payments that authorities may or must make available to their members and co-opted members.  They also require councils to publish the scope and amounts of these salaries and allowances for their particular authority:

Salaries, expenses and allowances

At the end of the financial year, each Council publishes a breakdown of how much each individual Councillor and co-opted member has received:

Travel allowances

The rates of travel allowances are: -

  • Motor vehicles up to 10,000 miles – 45p per mile
  • Motor vehicles over 10,000 miles – 25p per mile
  • Passenger supplement – 5p per passenger per mile
  • Motor cycles - 24p per mile
  • Bicycles – 20p per mile

Councillors and co-opted members can also claim for bus, train and taxi fares. Only actual costs can be claimed when supported by a receipt.

Approved duties

Councillors and Co-opted Members can claim travel expenses for 'approved duties' defined as: -

  • attendance at a meeting of the authority or of any committee of the authority or of any body to which the authority makes appointments or nominations or of any committee of such a body;
  • attendance at a meeting of any association of authorities of which the authority is a member;
  • attendance at any other meeting the holding of which is authorised by the authority or by a committee of the authority or by a joint committee of the authority and one or more other authorities;
  • a duty undertaken for the purpose of or in connection with the discharge of the functions of an executive where the authority is operating executive arrangements within the meaning of Part II of the Local Government Act 2000;
  • a duty undertaken in pursuance of a standing order which requires a member or members to be present when tender documents are opened;
  • a duty undertaken in connection with the discharge of any function of the authority which empowers or requires the authority to inspect or authorise the inspection of premises;
  • attendance at any training or developmental event approved by the authority or its executive or board; and
  • any other duty approved by the authority, or any other duty of a class so approved, undertaken for the purpose of, or in connection with, the discharge of the functions of the authority or of any of its committees. Travel claims cannot be made for undertaking constituency business.

Subsistence allowances

Subsistence allowances are available for undertaking official duties away from home.

The maximum subsistence allowance is £28 per day (including breakfast when not provided as part of overnight accommodation).

The allowances available for an overnight stay whilst undertaking an approved duty are set at £200 for London and £95 elsewhere with receipts to be provided. A maximum of £30 is available for an overnight stay with friends or relatives whilst on approved duty.

Claims for subsistence and an overnight stay can only be made for actual costs with receipts provided. Claims for subsistence cannot be made when undertaken duties within the county borough.

Reimbursement of Costs of Care

All authorities must provide for the reimbursement of necessary costs for the care of dependent children and adults and for personal assistance needs up to a maximum of £403 per month.  Reimbursement shall only be made on production of receipts from the carer.

The reimbursement of the costs of care is intended to enable any person whose ability to participate as a member of an authority would be limited by their responsibilities as a carer, or for a member to receive care support to enable that individual to carry out their role.

Entitlement to Family Absence

An elected member is entitled to retain a basic salary when taking family absence under the regulations irrespective of the attendance record immediately preceding the commencement of the family absence.

When a senior salary holder is eligible for family absence, he/she will continue to receive the salary for the duration of the absence.  It is a matter for the authority to decide whether or not to make a substitute appointment.  The elected member substituting for a senior salary holder taking family absence will be eligible to be paid a senior salary, if the authority decides.

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