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Annual Council Reporting Framework (ACRF)

Annual Council Reporting Framework (ACRF) 

As part of the Annual Council Reporting Framework (introduced by the Welsh Government in 2009), all Local Authorities across Wales are required to publish an Annual Report on the effectiveness of their Social Care Services.  The Chief Officer for Social Services (in their role as Statutory Director of Social Services) is responsible for producing the Annual Report, which is intended to inform local citizens, service users and all key stakeholders of performance and achievements over the last year (based on evidence gathered) and key priorities for further improvement. 

What information will I find in the Report?  

The Report contains information on the following strategic service areas: Safeguarding; Adult Social Services; Children’s Social Services and Support Services. This includes: 

  • Details of how well each strategic service area has performed over the last 12 months; including examples of what we have done well and what we could do better;
  • Key achievements during the year;
  • Our priorities for further improvement and developments over the next 12 months;
  • A range of facts and data. 
How was the Annual Report developed? 
  • Firstly, we carried out a thorough review of our services in order to find out how well we have performed during the year;  
  • Following this review, the Chief Officer (Social Services) - Statutory Director of Social Services produced a draft report that detailed how well we have performed in each area, key achievements and priorities for continued improvement and development;
  • The Report underwent a period of consultation between 4th – 30th April 2016.  Feedback obtained through the consultation process helped the Director produce the final Report on performance.  
So, what happens next?

The Report and supporting evidence has been shared with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).  Once CSSIW have examined our Report and evidence they will formally write to the Chief Officer (Social Services) - Statutory Director of Social Services detailing their findings and recommendations.