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From Wednesday 1st April 2020 we’ll be changing the way you can deposit paint products at your local Household Recycling Centres (HRCs).

The sites can accept wet paint in the size of a container that you would normally use for household projects (usually up to 10 litres), if it’s deemed as reusable by the onsite operatives.

Wet paint deemed unsuitable for re-use cannot be accepted.

Paint containers can be deposited for recycling if they are empty or if the paint is dry and hardened. They can be disposed of in the corresponding recycling receptacle.

If you have to dispose of waste paint a useful tip to assist the paint drying out is to leave the lid off the container for a few days before bringing it to the HRC.

No paint Thinners, bitumen, other hazardous liquids, commercial paint or large tins (over 10 litres) will be accepted.

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