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Request a new or replacement Bin/Recycling container

Use this service to request a new or replacement Bin or recycling container.

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If you have moved to a new property, or your bin/recycling container has been lost, stolen or damaged, you can let us know by completing the request a bin or recycling container form below and we can send a new container to you, free of charge.Recycling Containers

We encourage households to recycle as much as possible, therefore additional recycling boxes, reusable recycling sacks, reusable garden sacks and food bins, food caddies and food caddy liners are available on request free of charge.

New Bin

All householders are permitted to have 1 x 140 litre wheelie bin emptied every two weeks. Any additional bins presented at the property will be removed.

Refuse bins are designed to be emptied safely from a closed lid position, which helps to avoid any unnecessary mishaps during collections; therefore any overloaded bins must be rejected and not emptied.

Overloading refuse bins and/or presenting side waste for collection could result in further action being taken against the householder – if you are overloading your refuse bin or placing side waste out for collection you will receive a red tag on the bin informing you of reasons why your refuse has not been collected, followed by an explanatory letter that will lead to legal proceedings being instigated if any further offences are committed.

If you are a larger household and are making full use of the weekly recycling and food waste service, you can request a larger bin for waste that cannot be recycled. You can do this online via our apply for a larger capacity bin form

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