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Apply for a Van or Trailer Permit

Use this service to apply for a Van or Trailer Permit. 

The Vehicle Registration number will be required when completing the form.

Aberfan and Dowlais are open every day for the following hours:

9.00 – 20.00 the last admittance to the site is 19.50.

Photographic identification is needed to access the HWRCS. If you cannot provide identification and proof of address then you will be turned away.

The permit scheme is intended to stop the illegal or unfair use of HWRCs for the disposal of waste.

Who can apply for a Van or Trailer Permit?

Any resident of Merthyr County Borough can apply.

When do I need to Apply?

Van or Trailer Permits must be applied for in advance of disposing waste at the HWRCs. 

How many Permits can I have?

You can apply for a maximum of 3 Permits per request with a limit of 6 per year.

How to Apply

At the moment permits can only be applied for online, 24 hours a day.

What happens next?

Waste Services will check your request and approve or decline it.

If approved, the HWRC Site Attendants will be advised. 

What do I need to take to the HWRC?

You must provide Photo ID and Proof of Address which will be checked against the Permit by the HWRC Site Attendants. Please note that a Driving Licence with a photo will act as both ID and Proof of Address.

The HWRC Site Attendants reserve the right to refuse items if they deem them to be unsuitable.

How much does a Permit cost?

Permits are free.

Trade Waste

If you are having work done by a trade person/builder/other private company, you should ensure that a skip is hired to dispose of any waste generated. It is your waste and you are responsible for ensuring the appropriate and legal disposal of it.

Waste from trade premises must not be brought onto the sites. As the sites are not currently licensed to accept trade waste, it is illegal to deposit trade waste at the HWRCs and traders will be refused entry.

If you are a trader in Merthyr Tydfil you must ensure you have a trade waste contract in place to manage your waste in the appropriate manner.