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Energy Efficiency Advice and Assessment


SAP is the governments Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for energy relating of dwellings. SAP 2005 is adopted as part of the UK national methodology for calculation of the energy performance of buildings.

It is used to demonstrate compliance with building regulations for dwellings Part L (England and Wales) and top provide energy ratings for dwellings.

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) provides an analysis of the energy consumption of buildings other than dwellings; it is used in support of the National Calculation Methodology and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

A SBEM is required for all new building and extensions which are in excess of 100m2 and more than 25% of the original building.

SBEM’s are used to show compliance with Part L Approved Documents L2A and L2B of The Building Regulations 2000 (as amended).

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