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Leasing Scheme Wales

Are you a landlord with a property to rent? Have you thought about leasing through your local authority?

Leasing Scheme Wales, The Welsh Government-backed leasing scheme offers guaranteed rental income for between 5 - 20 years. Additional benefits include: 

  • guaranteed rental income for the period of the lease
  • your property returned to you at the end of the lease in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the lease, less fair wear and tear
  • all maintenance and repairs managed by the local authority for the term of the lease
  • rent equal to Local Housing Allowance rate minus an agreed management fee
  • grant of up to £5000 for any improvements that are required to bring the property up to the Welsh Government standards. Or up to £25,000 for empty properties
  • tailored tenancy management and ongoing housing support provided by support workers within the local authority. Helping the tenant to maintain their tenancy and the condition of the property.

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