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Rent Smart Wales Tenants

Do you live in the private rented sector?

All tenants have the right to live in well managed and safe accommodation. By 23 November 2016 tenants should only use licensed landlord and agents for their private rented accommodation. Their landlord and the property they live in should also be registered.

Landlords and agents are now required by law to be registered or licenced. A new law has been introduced in Wales which applies to all landlords and agents of private residential property. If you own, rent out, manage and/or live in a rented property then this law will impact on you.

Tenants have obligations when living in private rented accommodation too (e.g. to pay their rent on time and keep the property in a good condition).

A tenants’ guide has been published to help tenants understand their rights and responsibilities when renting privately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am renting off an unlicensed landlord or agent?

Tenants won’t be penalised if they are renting off an unlicensed landlord or agent, but they should report them to Rent Smart Wales.

To find out more visit Rent Smart Wales website or call 03000 133344

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