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Pavements - personal injury

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council is responsible for the maintenance of a safe carriageway and footway network in its area, with the exception of the trunk roads, which are the responsibility of the Welsh Government.

Defects in the highway should be reported as soon as possible to the Council to enable action to be taken promptly and the necessary repairs undertaken. If the carriageway/ footway isn't maintained by the Council the information you provide will be passed on to the relevant party for them to investigate. On request you will be informed of those who should repair the defect and who the claim needs to be directed to.

If you feel you have suffered a loss or injury and wish to make a claim against the Council, please call the number at the bottom of this page and we will arrange for the relevant form to be sent to you. The issue of this form by the Council is not to be taken as an admission of liability.

We require as much of the following information as possible to respond to your request:

  • Your name and contact number
  • Street name and area
  • Location on the street, for example, is it on the road or footway, is it near a house, numbered street lighting column or road junction?
  • Description and details of incident/defect
  • Date and approximate time incident occurred
  • Details of any injury sustained

For further information and/or advice please contact the Council on the details below or in writing to Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Insurance Section, Civic Centre, Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 8AN.

The highway network is inspected for defects on a regular basis by a team of Highways Inspectors. The frequency of the inspection is determined by guidelines set down in the Highway Network Management Plan.