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Lost or stray dogs

If you lose your dog:

Call us on 01685 725000 during office hours and we will register your details and the details of the dog.  We will cross match these details with those dogs we have already seized. 

You should also contact local vets, or the police and you could also spread the word in your local area.

You may also want to share details of your missing dog on community services such as “Lost and found dogs Merthyr Tydfil” which are run by volunteers via social media and receive lots of reports of lost, found and sighted dogs.

If we have your dog:

If we have your dog in our possession you will have to pay a fee for its release. The fee includes a handling fee and a statutory fine of £25. There may also be additional Vets fees in which you will be liable to pay prior to your dog being released. You will need to contact the Council on 01685 725000 during office hours and pay the fees before your dog can be released.

The current fees are:

Number of Days in Kennel Fees to be paid
Up to 24 hours after impounding

£85 + Vets fees

2 days £96 + Vet fees

3 days

£106.50 + Vets fees
4 days £117 + Vet fees
5 days £127.50 + Vet fees
6 days £138.00 + Vet fees
7 days £148.50 + Vet fees

If you find a stray dog:

If you find a stray dog you can contact us to report and you will be advised on what to do next. You should contact us  by telephone  01685 725 000 during normal office hours.

You will be provided with a reference number and may be asked to take the dog directly to our kennels.

Stray dogs must not be brought to the Civic Offices as we do not have dog kennelling facilities.

Out of office opening hours – Tel 01685 725336

You may also want to share details of the dog you found on community social media platforms such as “Lost and found dogs Merthyr Tyfil” (LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE)  which are run by volunteers and receive lots of reports of lost, found and sighted dogs

The Law and Stray Dogs

The legal position regarding stray dogs is comprehensively covered by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This Act imposes upon the Council a statutory duty to deal with stray dogs. This duty is currently undertaken by the Council’s Environmental Health Department.

The Council is not responsible for dogs that are mistreated or neglected, please contact the RSPCA

Dangerous Dogs

The Police have a legal responsibility to deal with all dogs irrespective of size or breed that is dangerously out of control in a public place, especially if the owner is known. If you require the police action for dangerous or banned dogs contact the police on 101 or enquire at your local police station.