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All new applicants are required to complete a 10 hour online Welsh Work Course. You will need to complete parts 1 and 2 of the course and must be able to evidence this prior to starting work with the Authority.

For further information on how to complete this course please visit: SHORT ONLINE TASTER COURSES | Learn Welsh

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This Local Employment Partnership employer shares information about new starters with JobCentre Plus for statistical purposes only. Please see the DWP website for more information.

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Providing 1-2-1 employment support and mentoring, assisting with: CV writing, application forms, job search, training, placements, interview preparation and help to start work.

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Ref Vacancy Closing Date
RE-1611 Cyfarwyddwr Llywodraethu Ac Adnoddau/ Director Of Governance And Resources 28/06/2024
KA000-1623 Cymhorthydd Cegin Ysgolion Merthyr/ Kitchen Assistant Merthyr Schools 05/07/2024
RE-1445 Gweithiwr Cymdeithasol – Tîm Plant A’r Teulu (x2) / Social Worker - Child & Family Team (x2) 05/07/2024
RE-1540 Uwch Beiriannydd (rheoli Datblygu Priffyrdd) / Senior Engineer (highways Development Control) 05/07/2024
RE-1569 Prif Swyddog Cynllunio (polisi) / Principal Planning Officer (policy) 27/06/2024
RE-1634 Cyfarwyddwr Cyllid (swyddog Adran 151)/ Director Of Finance (section 151 Officer) 28/06/2024
RE-1635 Uwch Beiriannydd Dylunio Cynorthwyol / Senior Assistant Design Engineer 19/07/2024
RE-1639 Cynorthwyydd Arddangosfeydd A Chelf Yr Amgueddfoa / Museum Arts And Exhibitions Coordinator 27/06/2024
RE-1640 Cydgysylltydd Amgueddfa / Museum Co-ordinator 27/06/2024
RE-1642 Cynorthwyydd Amgueddfa X 2 / Museum Assistants X 2 27/06/2024
RE-1644 Cydgysylltydd Cymorth Rhieni / Parent Support Coordinator 27/06/2024
RE-1645 Swyddog Hyfforddi / Training Officer 27/06/2024
RE-1646 Prif Swyddog Cynllunio ( Rheoli Datblygu) / Principal Planning Officer ( Development Control) 04/07/2024
RE-1647 Swyddog Budd-dal Lles / Welfare Benefit Officer 04/07/2024
RE-1648 Gweithiwr Cymorth Preswyl - Nosweithiau (x4) / Residential Support Worker - Nights (x4) 04/07/2024
RE-1649 Uwch Weithiwr Gofal Plant Preswyl (x3) / Senior Residential Childcare Worker (x3) 04/07/2024
RE-1650 Gweithiwr Cymorth Preswyl (x9) / Residential Support Worker (x9) 04/07/2024
RE-1651 Swyddog Refeniw / Revenues Officer 04/07/2024
RE-1652 Gweithiwr Cymorth Gwasanaeth Dydd (x2) / Day Service Support Worker (x2) 04/07/2024
RE-1653 Mentor Cyflogaeth Cymunedol / Community Employment Mentor 11/07/2024
MAY2024243 Rheolwr Bwyd a Diod / Food and Beverage Manager 24/06/2024
MAY2024212 Achubwyr bywyd / Lifeguards 24/06/2024
MAY2024212 Athrawo/Athrawes Nofio - Swimming Teacher 24/06/2024
LS014-2724 CALU Ysgol Gynradd Caedraw/HLTA Caedraw Primary School 28/06/2024
RE-1655 Gweithiwr Gofal Cymdeithasol / Social Care Worker 18/07/2024
RE-1656 Cydlynydd Partneriaeth Strategol / Strategic Partnership Co-ordinator 05/07/2024
RE-1657 Swyddog Iechyd Yr Amgylchedd / Environmental Health Officer 18/07/2024