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LDP Examination Library

Examination Documents

Documents and correspondence prepared and/or submitted in relation to the examination of the submitted plan:

ED001Local Development Plan Examinations – Procedure Guidance (Pins, Aug 2015)

ED002 - Inspector's Guidance Notes REVISED (11.06.19)

ED003 - 6th REVISION Draft Hearings Programme (05.07.19) THIS IS A LIVE DOCUMENT & SUBJECT TO CHANGE

ED004 - Inspector's initial letter to all Representors (25.04.19) 

ED005 - Inspector's initial letter to Council (25.04.19) 

ED006Cwm Taf Well-Being Plan 2018-2023 (May 2018) 

ED007 - MTCBC Letter to Inspector (09.05.19)

ED008 - Inspector's List of Matters, Issues and Questions for Hearings (13.05.19) 

ED009 - MTCBC Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) Background Paper (07.06.19)

ED010 - FURTHER STATEMENTS submitted by Representors and Council for Hearings 1 to 8 in response to Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions [ED008], can be accessed via the relevant Hearing session webpage or the following links:

ED011 to ED034 - Additional documents referenced in Council's Further Statements (11.06.19) :

ED035 - Inspector's Supplementary Note for Hearings 1 and 2 (13.06.19) 

ED036 - SuDS HBF comments in response to ED009 (17.06.19) 

ED037 - Ffos-y-Fran Land Reclamation Scheme - Restoration Plan 

ED038 - Ffos-y-Fran Land Reclamation Scheme - Phase 1 Restoration Plan - Full Document - November 2015

ED039 - Ffos-y-Fran Land Reclamation Scheme - Restoration Plan - Discharge of Condition 53 - Delegated Report

ED040 - Appraisal of Extension of Bedlinog Line to Dowlais Top - December 2013 

ED041 - Council Response to Inspectors supplementary note (ED035) re Welsh Medium Education (21.06.19) 

ED042 - Council's Opening Statement (25.06.19)

ED043 - Council's Amended Appendix 3 to Hearing Statement 4 (27.06.19)

ED044 - Proposed site at Brondeg discussed at Hearing 4 (Marvel Ltd 27.06.19) 

ED045 - Schedule of Week 1 Action Points arising from Hearings 1 to 5 (REVISED 11.07.19)

ED046 - Housing and population statistics submitted by MT Heritage Trust in response to AP3.1

ED047 - Schedule of Week 2 Action Points arising from Hearings 6 to 8 (11.07.19)

ED048 - Cwm Glo SINC 12 Survey and SINC Assessment David Clements Ecology May 2006

ED049 - Cwm Glo a Glyndyrys SSSI Citation (Legal Version)

ED050 - Cwm Glo SSSI NRW file note June 2015 

ED051 - FURTHER STATEMENTS submitted by Representors for Hearing 9 in response to Council's papers prepared for Action Points 3.3 and 4.3 [ED045] can be accessed via Hearing 9 webpage link:

ED052 - Agenda for Hearing 9 - Housing and other matters

ED053 - Council Statement for Hearing 9 - Housing allocations/supply & other matters (20.08.19)

ED054 - Schedule of Action Points arising from Hearing 9 (22.08.19) 

Matters Arising Changes (MACs) Public Consultation – Monday 9th September to 21st October 2019:

ED055Schedule of Matters Arising Changes to the Replacement Deposit Plan (September 2019)

ED056Replacement Deposit Plan Written Statement as amended by the Matters Arising Changes (September 2019)

ED057Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report Addendum (September 2019)

ED058Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) Appropriate Assessment (AA) Report Addendum (September 2019) 

ED059 - Notice of Matters Arising Changes Public Consultation

Please refer to First Replacement Local Development Plan 2016-2013 for further information and how to submit comments.

ED060 Register of Representations made to the proposed Matters Arising Changes (MACs) (24 October 2019)

ED061 Inspector's letter to Council re NRW's comments on the MACs (28.1019) 

ED062  Merthyr LDP Inspector's Report (17.12.19)


Submission Documents

View the Submission Documents including Evidence Base documents sent to Welsh Government and the Planning Inspectorate for the Examination of the Replacement LDP 2016-2031.